My name is Hayley Stamper and I'm the owner behind h.flynn designs.  We are a clothing company based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. We sell apparel for girls of all ages and sizes who love to represent their state!

While our website is based mainly around Nebraska apparel- please feel free to contact us regarding custom orders at hflynncontact@gmail.com.

I started out by making a few shirts in my textiles and design class at Pius X High School in Lincoln, NE. I was selling my sweatshirts to a few friends here and there, and by the time I was 17 years old I had a part-time job fulfilling online orders and supplying boutiques around Nebraska.

Fast forward to two years later- I am now employing over twenty ladies who design, cut, sew, and everything in between. We started out of my parent's basement, and I am so excited to say we now have our own production facility in a gorgeous downtown building in Lincoln!

Turning dreams into reality isn't something that you do everyday, but I truly believe if you have a dream, chase it! Looking back to my junior year of High School, I never would have imagined my company could have grown to the size it is today. Our team has grown beyond imagine and I can't begin to express my gratitude to everyone who has believed in my business.

A lot of people look from the outside and think that it is "easy" or that they can make this apparel too, which you can. But it is a ton of work owning a business and definitely not easy. I gave up many High School memories and "college experiences" to be where I am today. Through my journey, I've learned f you put in hard work, commitment, and time, you can achieve anything you dream.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continued business and your love for h.flynn.

xoxo- HFS